The Importance of Owning a Surge Protector

When you purchase a computer, don’t forget an important part of your computer setup. In order to keep your computer safe, you will need a good quality surge protector. If you don’t receive one with your new computer, or if you have a computer already running without a surge protector, consider these guidelines when purchasing one.

Why you need a surge protector.
Small surges or spikes of electricity can be caused by lightning, turning on a large appliance, or construction or damage to outside power lines. Surge protectors act like a sponge, absorbing dangerous excess voltage. This prevents this extra surge of electricity from reaching your computer equipment. However, like a sponge, surge protectors have a limited capacity to absorb. Once the capacity is reached, the unit is no longer able to protect your equipment and should be replaced. 

Buy a good surge protector.
Surge protectors are generally affordable enough that you can get complete protection at a reasonable price. Choose a surge protector that offers 3-line protection and has a fast response time. It should have an indicator light or an audible alarm to let you know if the unit stops working. Look for a unit that also offers power shut down protection. This shuts the power to all outlets off once the unit has reached its capacity to protect. Buy only a surge protector that is listed as a transient voltage sure suppressor, or TVSS. 

Check the back door.
If your computer is connected to the outside world via a modem, you should protect this line against surges as well. Sending and receiving faxes via your computer can also leave you vulnerable. Make sure your surge protector offers phone line protection to get complete protection for your computer.

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