Laughing Your Way to Good Health

The findings of a study presented at the American Heart Association meeting in Atlanta in March revealed that listening to your favorite tunes or hearing a good joke could have as much effect on your blood pressure as cutting salt in your diet or losing ten pounds.

In the study, a group of people participated in bimonthly sessions that focused on music and laughter. Their systolic blood pressure dropped by an average of five to six points after three months. A control group showed no change in that time period.

Even a small drop in blood pressure can make a significant difference. A drop of just five points is linked to a ten percent lower risk of death from heart attack or stroke.

Of course, music and laughter alone are not sufficient to treat high blood pressure. But for anyone looking for a way to increase their overall health, it is important to remember this mind-heart connection. It is a natural way to improve health and could eventually lead to a reduction in medication.

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